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What is Particle Size Distribution?

In order to understand PSD method development, we must first understand the basis of particle size distribution.

The particle size distribution is mainly categorized or divided by size from minimum to maximum range.

Normal distribution and its purpose

Normal distribution essentially describes a regular behavior between the size of the particle and number of particles the size contents and they can be calculated and measured throughout a series of techniques only applicable to the normal distribution.


Now, we have a lot of available technology usable as PSD method development, depending on the area of study, the type of matter we are studying, the method we want to apply, and the process necessary to apply that method; all that needs to be understood and then set to motion.

When researching and developing products as well as data and measurement for control we must assure the development and outcome of potential products, all these factors are obtainable throughout the PSD method development.

Right tools and techniques are ideal for this process or system creation, and it is important to understand the reach of the different techniques and the area of strength for each technology; all of this, in order to choose the right resource to accomplish the right PSD method development.

Technology for customers

Here are some examples of technologies used today for particle size distribution techniques and solutions to complete a particular process or develop and create a specific product.

  • First we have, laser diffraction; this by a liquid medium.

    laser diffraction


  • Another tool is the dynamic image analysis (by images)
  • Then we have, Sedimentation analysis (by x-ray absorption)
  • If want we need is an option with different qualities there is an electrical sensing zone (by monitoring changes in resistance)
  • Also there is the air permeability analysis (by measuring pressure drops)
  • And dynamic light scattering (by monitoring intensity fluctuations)

These are not all but some of the forms of measurement and particle size distribution tools available for all types of activities and users. The resource will depend on the desired activity and outcome and the result will rely on using the appropriate tool to gain PSD method development according to such goals.


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