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The Story Of TAPI Teva

teva tapi

TAPI Teva, or Teva Active Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a stand-alone business unit of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is undoubtedly the most well-known pharmaceutical giant in Israel. Also, that is because it is the largest generic drug manufacturing company in the whole world. Background of Teva Pharmaceutical Ingredients An Israeli multinational pharma […]

Q7A GMP Guidance for Active Pharmaceu...


This regulation exemplifies the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) present rational on this topic. It does not put any rights for or on any person and does not function to bind FDA or the public. A substitute methodology may be used if such approach fulfills the regulations of the applicable rulings and guidelines. INTRODUCTION  Objective […]

What exactly is synthetic organic che...


Chemistry is a very large discipline and there will be a lot of sub-discipline as expected. One of the discipline is the synthetic organic chemistry, which is a very focused field in chemistry for creating new organic substances. Of course this is the shortest possible way to answer your question of what is synthetic organic […]

What is Particle Size Distribution?


In order to understand PSD method development, we must first understand the basis of particle size distribution. The particle size distribution is mainly categorized or divided by size from minimum to maximum range. Normal distribution and its purpose Normal distribution essentially describes a regular behavior between the size of the particle and number of particles […]

Assembling of High-Potency APIs

High-potency assembling of active pharmaceutical ingredients is a creating and thought capacity. High potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) are a corner yet creating a region for pharmaceutical makers and contract manufacturing affiliations (CMOs). Particular considerations in office plot, rigging, operation, and technique security are relied upon to fulfill the bound for a level of control […]

Danger of Iron In High Potency Vitami...

High Potency vitamins are important for a large number of people, particularly those who a have deficiencies in any number of areas. Many adults find that they cannot achieve their, often higher then normal, daily requirements of certain vitamins with standard choices, so they turn to brands with high potency. However, while most vitamins and […]

Two sides of Medicine made by plant e...

The nature offers a wide range of commodity to human. The most important one is medicinal plants and plant extracts. The medicinal are prevailing from ancient time itself. The tribal people use some indigenous methods to extract oil and medicine from plants. The raw form of ayurveda is also generated from the tribal people. These […]

Chromotography, know the different te...

Chromatography refers to a method employed in laboratories. It helps in efficient and easy separation of chemical compounds of mixtures using the adsorption phenomena. The strengths of this technique are manifested especially in the isomers and natural materials separation. Origin Tswett, in 1910, first employed this chromatography method in the leaf pigments separation and the […]

Downstream Processing ensures a finis...

Downstream processing is about the purification and recovery of biosynthetic products, especially the pharmaceuticals from the natural sources such as plant or animal tissue or fermentation broth. This entails the salvageable components recycling, appropriate treatment and waste disposal. Essential step Downstream processing is an essential step in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing such as antibodies, antibiotics, hormones […]

TAPI’s R’D and production

TAPI R&D activities: The R&D bunch at TAPI comprises of a group of more than 700+ top researchers situated in different improvement focuses around the world. There is an extensive focus on Israel which deals with manufactured items and peptides, a vast focus in Hungary which does maturation and produces semi- engineered items, furthermore an […]