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Danger of Iron In High Potency Vitamins

High Potency vitamins are important for a large number of people, particularly those who a have

deficiencies in any number of areas. Many adults find that they cannot achieve their, often higher then

normal, daily requirements of certain vitamins with standard choices, so they turn to brands with high

potency. However, while most vitamins and minerals are perfectly safe in larger then normal doses, once

must be careful when dealing with larger then normal amounts of Iron, as it can lead to an actual iron


Who Is In Danger of An Iron Overdose?

While in theory, anyone can consume too much iron, children are especially at risk due to their body size,

metabolism, and a host of other factors. Fortunately, it can take quite a large amount of iron to cause such

an overdose, but one should play it safe regardless. Either regular, pre-natal or high potency vitamins can

have enough iron in them to cause an iron overdose, and childrens habit of sometimes mistaking vitamins

for candy can cause them to ingest many times the normal recommended amount. So it’s important to

keep any and all vitamins, although especially high potency ones outside of their reach.

Some Signs of an Iron Overdose:

1: Drowsiness

2: Diahrea

3: Pale Skin

4: Shivers

5: Lack of Energy

6: Dizziness

These and many other symptoms can be a sign of an iron overdose. If you suspect that you or someone

around you is experiencing an iron overdose, please contact a poison control center as soon as you can,

and they will walk you through the steps necessary to follow.

So while many adults do require high potency vitamins, you need to be careful when ingesting them,

because not only children can be affected. Anyone and everyone can, so always be careful, never take

more then prescribed, and always keep all vitamins out of the reach of children. Taking these simple steps

can keep you or someone you care about from overdosing on something that most people don’t even

know you can overdose on.

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