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Two sides of Medicine made by plant extraction

The nature offers a wide range of commodity to human. The most important one is medicinal plants and

plant extracts. The medicinal are prevailing from ancient time itself. The tribal people use some

indigenous methods to extract oil and medicine from plants. The raw form of ayurveda is also generated

from the tribal people. These types of medication is available nook and corner of world. As a coin this

also has two sides.

Advantages of medicine made by plant extraction


The major advantages of Plant extract medicines are cheap. But they never compromise in

quality and effectiveness.


Yet another reason is the easy and wide availability. These available in home surroundings and

these are the part of our daily life. Neem, Mint leaves, Chamomile are few examples.

Less Risk

Plant extracts are they are less prone to side effect. The chemical drugs are more harmful to

human body. So, compared to that traditional plant extraction are safe.

Disadvantages of medicine made by plant extraction


The plants extracts are some time in appropriate for many condition. It can’t be used for accident

cases, serious illness, fracture, appendicitis and cardio arrest etc.

Over dosage and poison

Sometime the over dosage of plant extract can harm the body resulting in death also. Along with

that poison risk is also there. Almost all the herbs for plant extract are taken from dense forest.

There are lots or risk associated with this. Some herbs are highly medicinal valued where its

fruit or leaf of flower may be harmful. So one should be careful in plucking that right one for


Adding chemicals during extraction

The plant extraction process is a very sensitive and careful one. It is seen as the natural remedies for all

problems. But sometimes these plant extract may turn into allergic. This is because of the unwanted

adding of chemicals during its processing.

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