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Phytonics as a method of plant extraction and its advantages

This is a new technology with remarkable properties in plant extraction. It also offers significant

health, environmental and safety benefits. It is good in the manufacture of natural fragrant oils,

biological extracts and flavours of high quality. It was developed by advanced phytonics limited based

on Manchester.

Fragrant components of essential oils and different biological and psychopharmacological extracts are

the products that are mostly extracted using this process. New generation fluorocarbon solvents are

used in this type of extraction. The solvent used was developed to replace chlorofluorocarbons. The

solvent has a boiling point of -25 degrees Celsius. The solvent is not toxic or flammable.

The solvent used in this process does not deplete the ozone layer. Its vapour pressure is 5.6 bar at

ambient temperature. This is a poor solvent in the sense that it does not mix with mineral oils and it

doesn’t dissolve in plant waste. This process of plant extraction is advantageous because the solvents

can be customised. Some modified solvents can also be used to in extraction of broader spectrum of


Advantages of phytonics plant extraction method

This method of plant extraction has the following advantages;

 It is friendly to the environment

 No solvent wastage because the solvents are recycled within the system

 The solvents used are not ozone depleting, toxic or flammable

 There is minimal electric energy required

 The process takes place in a neutral PH where by oxygen is absent and the products don’t

suffer oxidation or acid hydrolysis

 There is no loss of precious volatiles because there is no vacuum, stripping needed

 This process is cool. It does not involve high temperatures and it is also gentle and the end

products are never damaged due to exposure to excessive high temperatures

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