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The Story Of TAPI Teva

TAPI Teva, or Teva Active Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a stand-alone business unit of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is undoubtedly the most well-known pharmaceutical giant in Israel. Also, that is because it is the largest generic drug manufacturing company in the whole world.

Background of Teva Pharmaceutical Ingredients

An Israeli multinational pharma company, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is headquartered in the central city of Israel, Petah Tikva. One of the 15 largest pharma companies in the whole world, its facilities are located in Israel, South America, Europe and North America.

Some of the main drugs manufactured by them are Gabapentin, Junel, Losartan, Ibuprofen max, Balziva, Baclofen, Aviane and many others.


Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients vs Teva Pharmaceutical Ingredients

To clarify the difference between TAPI and TPI, it is that while the former is focused on producing “active pharmaceutical ingredients”, the latter is focused on manufacturing drugs, mainly, generic drugs.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients – An active pharmaceutical ingredient is one of the two parts of a drug, the other being the excipient. The excipient is responsible for carrying the active pharmaceutical ingredient, into the desired spot, in a human body. Speaking in simpler terms, the excipient carries out the drug delivery process. The active pharmaceutical ingredient on the other hand, is responsible for “the action”. It means that it is responsible for causing the effect on the system, ultimately, for curing a human.

Generic drugs – Generic drugs are pharma drugs which are just like a marketed brand, in terms of quality, route of administration, performance, dosage, strength and intended use. These drugs are produced once the patent protection rights of the original developer end. The launch of generic drugs in the market, leads to a lowering of the price of the original drug, as well as the other similar generic drugs.

Coming back to TAPI, it is not only responsible for the supplying of a marginal share of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries but is also a global competitor of other pharma giants. TAPI is also responsible for investing heavily in development of new production facilities across the world, as well as for the development of new process (of manufacturing) and drugs.


Research & Development

At 7 development facilities based around the globe, Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient’s research and development group consists of 760 scientists (obviously, top of their fields).

Two of these centers are in Hungary (semi-synthetics and fermentation), and the other one is in Israel (peptides and synthetic products). Along with additional sites in Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy and Mexico, there is one facility in India as well.

Similarly to the other research & development groups of other active pharmaceutical ingredient companies, the R&D group of TAPI, is focused on developing biological and chemical processes (fermentation), intermediates, overall, the development of active pharmaceutical ingredients’ manufacturing process.

The above is in direct interests of the proprietary drugs of the company, as well as in the interests of the industry of generic drugs.

Another goal of this research & development group, is to devise processes and methods, which can help in cutting costs of the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This directly leads to an improvement in the cost structure of Teva Active Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, helping them in allocating more money to different sections of their company.

All of the above, ultimately leads to a rise in market value and share money, and that’s a good thing.

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Technology and manufacturing

With whooping 21 active pharmaceutical ingredient production facilities, scattered across the globe in China, Monaco, Mexico, Croatia, Puerto Rico, India, Czech Republic, Hungary, the United States, Italy and Israel, the company holds expertise in various production technologies.

Some of these production technologies are high potent manufacturing, synthetic peptides, prostaglandins, vitamin D derivatives, enzymatic synthesis, chemical synthesis, plant extract technology and semi-synthetic fermentation.

Empowering the trust of the consumers in the company, is the fact that all of the Good Manufacturing Practices requirements, of various countries, such as Japan, Europe, U.S., and many others, are met by Tapi Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Limited.

Products of TAPI

The total number of active pharmaceutical ingredients produced by Tapi Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, is 300. This number covers products such as dermatological, oncology, inflammatory, immunosuppressants, anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, cardiovascular and respiratory.

The company’s intellectual property (APIs) portfolio has over a thousand of pending applications, and granted patents, worldwide.

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