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Methods of Extraction Plant Extractio...

There are several ways in which plant extraction can be employed, in various traditional protocols water is mostly used as an extractant currently in modern methods of extraction organic solvents with varying polarities are used to achieve the various solubility’s of plant constituents. Maceration This is the simplest and the most used method of plant […]


New medication mixes, especially those for proposed use in oncology, are turning out to be progressively more particular in their cooperation with natural focuses, with pharmacological action regularly being accomplished with moment measures of medication. The assembling of High Potency Drugs substances and their medication items requires an unique analysis and examination in guaranteeing the […]

API Production – The Useful Ele...

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) is the useful elements in medications that are in charge of the useful well being impacts faced by buyers. Active Ingredients (AI) in a pharmaceutical medication and relate to the pharmacy dose. They are considered to be known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). A case of an API is the acetaminophen […]

High potency multivitamin

The best way to get minerals that may lack in your diet is by Multivitamins. Many people view taking high potency multivitamin as the best thing, but it isn't you does not need to take in high potency vitamin otherwise if you do you could experience adverse effects they cause? Commonly High potency vitamins have […]

Challenges of high potency drugs

For all the drug development worldwide, about 25 percent of them are classified as highly potency. However, this percentage is expected to rise in the coming years. A compound is categorized as a highly potent if it has an OEL of 10μg/m3. A regular dosage of ≤10mg/day creates severe toxic laboratory chemical, such highly potency […]

Tapi – The Importance of Water ...

Water is very precious Water is one of the most abundant organic components of any living organism. Circa, 80% of human cells are made out of the water and around 60% of the human body is made out of the water. Water is essential for the survival of any living being on the planet Earth. […]

Separation of Solid-Liquid in Downstr...

Downstream Processing is done in various steps. There are basically 5 steps in which it is performed which are as follows:  Separation of Solid-Liquid.  Releasing Intracellular products.  Concentration.  Purification by Chromatography.  Formulation In Separation of Solid-Liquid in Downstream Processing, cells and insoluble ingredients are separated from each other. Methods which […]